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A word with Chris Walker – VSS Manager

A word with...

A word with Chris Walker – VSS Manager

Chris, tell us about your department within EMCS and what you offer from a service point of view?
From pre-installation site surveys to post commission testing, our trained team is on-hand to help ensure
the remote monitoring of your VSS system is setup and functioning correctly. The team are trained to
troubleshoot any issues which can occur during the initial setup, ensuring a smooth commissioning
process. Our dedicated False Alarm Support Team (FAST) work in tandem with our VSS Admin team;
proactively identifying any potential cause for false activity to help ensure the best possible service is
being provided.

How many team members do you manage within the VS department?
We currently have 10 staff members within the VSS department, and we are looking to expand further
with the addition of another Administrator. There are 2 teams within the VSS department which are our
Technical Administration and FAST team. Our Administration team are here to not only process inbound
orders and amendments but also aid in all remotely monitored setups. This ranges from network
troubleshooting through to system configuration and finally, a full walk test with the engineer on the
premises testing each device is working correctly before placing the system live. We also have a
Customer Support Technician, James whose role is purely field based and can attend your customers
premises to help with initial unit setups, local system and network configurations and finally, help with
the transition from non-monitored to monitored by performing the ‘walk test ‘live with our in-house team.

How has VSS Monitoring evolved over recent years?
Monitoring and camera technology is rapidly becoming the norm in the modern era and the technology
is evolving at such a rapid pace that it is imperative we keep up. From camera quality and thermal
imaging cameras through to video analytics built into such a large number of systems, remote monitoring
via cameras is now so effective at capturing incidents and as a result, is growing at an exponential rate.

Finally, what makes EMCS unique compared to the rest?
What makes us truly different is the way in which we listen and adapt our services based on our partner’s
needs. With EMCS being truly independent and privately owned, we are able to make key decisions
quickly to benefit our customers when required. Our services range from attending your premises before
the equipment is installed on site to help and provide the best monitored coverage, through to daily
checking of your false alarm trends ensuring we catch any incident as efficiently as possible; EMCS
continues to remain at the forefront of the Video Monitoring industry.