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CSL Group Announce the Launch of the MiniAir 2

Posted 08/12/2021

EMCS partner, CSL Group are delighted to announce that the brand-new MiniAir 2 is available to order now in the UK.

The ideal mobile upgrade for digital communicators, MiniAir 2 is a single-path signalling solution that utilises a 4G/LTE-M path to signal an alarm from protected premises to an ARC like EMCS. It comes with a standby SIM as a backup to safeguard your system if the active SIM fails. Both SIMs operate on an independent network from the other for total resilience. It is designed for both residential and commercial premises as an affordable upgrade from a digital communicator to secure signalling.

Traditionally alarms have operated on PSTN systems. However, this legacy form of digital communication is soon to be outdated. As mentioned previously, we still currently managing tens of thousands of alarms that will soon be affected by the PSTN switch-off in 2025. It is important to begin the process of shifting to newer technologies as soon as possible. The MiniAir 2 provides a cost-effective, future-proofed, radio signalling solution to ensure alarm systems can still send signals to the ARC. This professional signalling upgrade also ensures systems maintain their existing Police URNs.

Rob Evans, CSL’s Sales Director, commented: “MiniAir 2 is a gamechanger for professional Installers when it comes to upgrading digital communicators. We’re very aware of the challenges presented to Installers by the UK’s All IP project. That’s why we have developed this ideal mobile upgrade, to future-proof your systems and ensure signals still reach the ARC. It is part of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the latest innovations to support their businesses.”

Claire Poyser-Blair, Sales and Customer Service Manager, at EMCS echoed the same sentiments. She highlighted the need for products, such as the MiniAir2, to combat the PSTN switchover. “We are encouraging all of our installation partners to actively swap out their PSTN signalling products. CSL’s new MiniAir 2 is a great option for end-users that are currently monitored via a digital communicator, it’s low cost and will work with any panel.

Should you wish to place an order for the MiniAir2 please download our latest Dualcom application form (available here) or give our Sales & Customer Services team a call on 0800 716 179 to request a form.”