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CSL Group Provide Update on PSTN Stop Sell

Posted 28/01/2022

EMCS are proud to work with a number of partners across the UK. This is one of the benefits of being truly independent, as we aren’t tied to any alarm company, we can offer you the freedom to provide whichever alarm system suits your customers’ needs best.

One of our partners, CSL Group have recently provided an update on the latest developments in the PSTN switch off. John Coleman, Head of Sales UK and Ireland at CSL recently mentioned they are beginning to see lots of activity across the industry relating to the move from analogue PSTN to ALL IP, often referred to as digital voice. This impacts new supply but also restricts any changes being made on that line. This is the first stepping stone to moving to digital voice and once you are in a ‘stop sell’ exchange then realistically you could move to digital voice at any point.

There are 550 exchanges that are either in, or have been announced, as going in to ‘stop sell’ including EMCS. ‘Stop sell’ is used by Opensource to signify the end of a product lifecycle, in this case, the PTSN switch off. However, unlike a product withdrawal, stop sell means that any end customer who already has the product, will be able to continue using it until a predetermined date.

These exchanges are all over the UK and it is really important that as a minimum, installers are making end-users aware that these changes are coming and to act now rather than wait for systems to fail. It’s also a great opportunity to install the latest technology signalling, allowing new features such as remote connectivity to intruder alarms to support remote changes and remote servicing, especially as companies now need to demonstrate that they are taking steps to reduce carbon footprint.

If you require any advice on moving to an exchange, please contact EMCS by clicking here or calling us on 0800 716179.