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PSTN Switch Off 2025

Posted 15/10/2021

As we all know the 2025 deadline is fast approaching, whereby Openreach aims to have completed their exchange switch-off program. Many exchanges have already been switched off across the UK, the team at EMCS cannot stress enough how important it is for our Installer partners and the wider installer community to start swapping their legacy PSTN systems with a new product variant.

Over the past 9 months, we have seen an increase of PSTN systems being swapped for newer technology, which is great however there are still tens of thousands of PSTN systems currently monitored by ourselves that will need to be changed prior to the deadline. If everyone decides to leave their PSTN systems in place until 2025, there will almost definitely be a supply issue from the manufacturers, due to lack of stock and/or a shortage of components, there may also be delays in processing and delivering orders. We are supporting our customers where we can and ask that they get in contact should they require a list of their PSTN customers.