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False Alarm Management: ARC Link

Enabling genuine, real-time automation between the EMCS monitoring database and the Installer Pro management software.

False Alarm Management

EMCS & InstallerPro
A partnership working in Real Time

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How It Works

  • Alerts from EMCS are shared live including fully detailed logs enabling live responses to be executed and tracked inside the InstallerPro software.
  • The integration goes further, allowing the synchronisation of client data, site information and keyholders between the systems. As records are edited, the EMCS database is updated with logs confirming changes in real time.
  • The integration further extends the Remote Engineer functions inside InstallerPro which allows companies using EMCS as their ARC to put systems on and off test at the touch of a button.
  • InstallerPro will log all events and integrate the data automatically with call out monitoring and response reporting so that manual recording will be a thing of the past.
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